Are you worried about being dismissed from your job?

Worrying that you are going to lose your job is horrible. Work is an important part of life as it defines who we are and puts food on the table. As soon as your job is threatened then your ability to support your family and your lifestyle is threatened too.


If you’re worried about your job then it’s important to understand that you have rights and you have options. There are processes that your employer must follow before you can be dismissed. Even if you have had a slip up and have done something wrong, losing your job is by no means a done deal.

A dismissal is never a straight forward matter and there are many things to consider.


If you’re concerned about being dismissed then Sacked Kiwi is here to help. We’re going to take a look at the process your employer needs to go through before they can dismiss you, and what it means for you. And we’ll look at how Sacked Kiwi can help and when you should pick up the phone.


If you don’t want to read about it and you just want to speak to someone then call us now. Sacked Kiwi are here to help you with your employment problem. Even if you just want to share your situation and get some free, honest advice. You can reach us on 0508 227799 or 021 754 851.


When you realise you might be dismissed

So you’re worried about your job? Maybe there has been an incident or perhaps your boss has made some comments that have unsettled you. Sometimes it’s just a feeling that something isn’t right. Whatever the circumstance, it’s important to know what happens next.


As soon as you feel your job could be at risk, give Sacked Kiwi a call. You don’t need to engage our services and even if you do our initial advice is free. Half of the calls we receive are simply people like you asking for advice and we’re proud to be able to help. The most important thing for you is that you understand your rights and what needs to happen next.


We’ve got lots of experience resolving employment problems and we often find a breakdown in communication can be at the heart of the issue. Talking to us can be an important first step in protecting your job and getting the resolution you’re looking for.


If your employer has already dismissed you then call us straightaway. We can talk you through exactly what you should and shouldn’t do, including important tips like not asking to resign rather than be dismissed.


The basic process that your employer should follow before dismissal

Whatever the threat to your job, there is a process that needs to be followed before the issue is resolved. This process is designed to give both you and your employer a chance to understand the problem and find a workable solution going forward. Dismissal is always the very last avenue an employer may consider.


Firstly your employer must raise the issue with you. Secondly they must investigate the issue fully, then present the issue back to you. Thirdly they must take time to consider your response to the issue. Then, finally, they must make a decision – ideally getting your feedback on it before it becomes final.


You also must be advised of your right to support and/or representation, exactly what the employers concerns are, that your employment is at risk and you can’t be rushed into meeting.


It can be daunting going through this process on your own but you don’t need to. Sacked Kiwi can help you every step of the way with advice and support. If you want us to, we can get involved in the process on your behalf and make sure that communication is clear and you are properly represented.


A disciplinary process is not a quick process that can be completed in a 15 minute “catch up”. The effectiveness of the process can often be measured in the time it takes to complete. It is not acceptable for your employer to skip this process and just fire you. If this happens then call Sacked Kiwi straightaway.


When to pick up the phone and call Sacked Kiwi

We promised to recommend when you should call Sacked Kiwi but really we think it’s best to pick up the phone as soon as you can. Even if you choose not to follow our advice it can help to know you are not alone. We’re only interested in protecting you and your rights and helping you achieve the best outcome for you: whether that be keeping your job or moving on to the next opportunity.


Sacked Kiwi helps hundreds of employees in New Zealand deal with employment issues of every type. We’re experts in employment law and we only charge you when your issue has been resolved. Call us today on 0508 227799 or 021 754 851 and we will be happy to help.